With Diana’s diamond tiara – Kate is the crowning glory

Source: Reuters

She is THE STAR of the evening: At King Charles’ first state banquet, Kate, the Princess of Wales, is the eye-catcher. The Royals receive the South African President in London. But Kate draws everyone’s attention with her outfit: a floor-length, white robe with glittering sequins and, to top it off, a very special piece of jewelry: Princess Diana’s favorite tiara, her husband William’s late mother. A breathtaking sight. A palace insider tells BILD that being able to wear this iconic tiara is very important to Kate. It symbolizes how important it has become for the monarchy. Kate’s presence at such appointments is very well received by the public, according to the insider to BILD. And that evening, too, Kate seems to have done everything right and more and more to fill in her footsteps with Diana’s jewels.

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