With LinkedIn, it is the last big American social network to leave China

Facebook, Google and Twitter were already undesirable in China. It is now LinkedIn which is abandoning the local version that it operated there. A decision linked to the increased restrictions that the group must visibly face, on the spot.

As we know, the web in China has little to do with the web used in France or the United States. Facebook, Google, Twitter … the majority of the big American names of the web are there persona non grata, the Chinese authorities categorically refusing to let information flow freely on their soil. Only LinkedIn remained there until now, but it is now over: the professional social network owned by Microsoft has just announced, in a blog post dated October 14, 2021, that he would end the local version he had developed for China and launched in 2014.

« We knew that operating a local version of Linkedin for China would imply respecting the framework given by the Chinese authorities to internet platforms. We strongly support freedom of expression, but had adopted this approach in order to create value for our members in China and around the world. “, Argues LinkedIn.

China imposed new restrictions

If the social network was maintained there for 7 years, the collaboration no longer works. ” We have been successful in helping Chinese members find jobs and economic opportunities. But we haven’t had the same success on the more social aspects, or on how to help them stay informed. », Regret in a polite manner LinkedIn. The social network also indicates having to face a more complex operational context and ” even greater demands ” in China.

LinkedIn to terminate local Chinese version of LinkedIn ” at the end of the year “. It is through this local version that the population of the country had to pass, in order to be able to access the global LinkedIn platform. The inhabitants of the country will therefore no longer be able to do so by official means when the tool is stopped. Instead, the social network owned by Microsoft will launch a separate application in China later called InJobs. It will aim to help Chinese candidates and companies to identify the offers and profiles respectively relevant to them. However, this application will not contain any social feed, nor will it allow the sharing of publications or articles.

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