‘With pure neighborhood music’, Santa Fe Klan performs in Saltillo with a full house

Santa Fe Klan He is one of the most recognized artists in the Hip-hop genre. He has collaborated with stars of international stature such as Steve Aoki and is one of the most established rappers in the world of music, his name is synonymous with simplicity and success.

For this reason, when the singer announced that he would offer a concert in Saltillo as part of his Tour ‘Sea and land‘ (name of his most recent album, as well as one of his most popular singles), the most committed fans did not hesitate to “run” to buy tickets. The tour began last April and has toured several cities in the US and Mexico, including Keep East 15 th of May. NeverthelessSaltillo nor could be left out of the tour and this Saturday may 14 concert was held by the Guanajuato native, who had already been in the city in 2018.

$! The Guanajuato interpreter is promoting his album “Mar y Tierra”.

The Guanajuato interpreter is promoting his album “Mar y Tierra”.

His fans eagerly awaited the day of the event, which took place at the Maravillas Park Auditoriuma place that opened its doors two hours before the show began to receive the hundreds of attendees who gathered at the concert.

The interpreter ofHere I am” did not keep his fans waiting long and went on stage after 10:00 p.m. in his traditional urban attire. “Arriba Saltillo, pure neighborhood music”, Said the rapper as soon as he left the forum, while the public shouted excitedly.

$!The Auditorium had a full house.

The Auditorium had a full house.

Later, he started the concert with “Never imagine”, a song that talks about its origins in music, which was followed by “Eres”, “Crónica de mi barrio”, “Vuelve” and “Soledad”. He sang the latter playing the accordion.

In addition, “You do not have heart”, theme of the Monterrey Celso Pineapplealso had a place in the repertoire of Santa Fe Klan. With a euphoric audience, mostly young people, who enjoyed a night full of rap, their presentation was a complete success in the city, completely filling the auditorium.

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