With raids and searches, the search for Eliana Pacheco in La Plata continues

Uncertainty grows as the hours go by, due to the disappearance of Eliana Pachecothe 24-year-old girl who has been wanted in La Plata and the region since last Sunday, after taking a bus to the door of a clothing fair located at 52 and 208, where she was last seen.

As part of the search, This Thursday early in the morning, members of the Buenos Aires Police and the Departmental Directorate of Investigations (DDI), mounted an intense search operation in the western area of ​​La Plata and raided a house in La Favela, in search of clues that would allow lead the young. Police proceedings began in the town of Lisandro Olmos, where he disappeared.

As it was known so far, a security camera would have captured Eliana at the aforementioned fair. It was the last time she was seen and since then nothing has been known about her paredero. “There would have to be a court order to search the place where he disappeared, but that still doesn’t exist. They’re looking for the call we received yesterday at noon.”declared the young woman’s mother in dialogue with All News and asked that the authorities expedite the efforts to find his daughter as soon as possible.

The family with whom she lives in Lisandro Olmos indicated that the last time they saw her was when she left her home located at 161 between 49 and 50. As they indicated, she was going to go to that event in a remís and until now they did not know if she had arrived to destination. The truth is that with a security camera they believe they have verified that she managed to get there, which opens the door to new hypotheses and evidence in the case.

In the videos of the security cameras it appears Eliana chatting with another person, although it is not observed that she makes gestures of discomfort or as a sign of fear, which suggests that it was not a dangerous situation, although there are still no confirmations in this regard.

In the last few hours it was also learned that the investigators found Pacheco’s document in an open field in the El Retiro neighborhood of La Plata. As published by the site The Platense Editor, the troops raked the area house by house and found a vacant lot with the documentation, but not with his cell phone. Meanwhile, the case progresses under the heading of “investigation of whereabouts.”

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