With "Rifkin’s festival"his last film, Woody Allen achieves the worst flop of his career

The New York director realizes the worst flop of his career with his 49th film, Rifkin’s festivalwhich only attracted 61,000 admissions in two weeks.

Woody Allen is no longer a recipe. His 49th film, Rifkin’s festival, was a heavy failure at the box office. According to information from Parisianhis comedy with Louis Garrel had its worst start in France, with only 61,000 admissions in two weeks.

At the end of its operation, Rifkin’s festival expected to achieve Woody Allen’s worst score since woody and the robotsa science-fiction comedy that drew just 218,000 viewers in 1973.

A filmmaker accustomed to success

Woody Allen, who for almost half a century released a film a year, has often met with immense success in France. Until the mid-2010s, his films still frequently attracted a million spectators in dark rooms.

Blue Jasmine attracted 1.4 million spectators in 2013. And Magic in the Moonlight achieved one million admissions in 2014. Even The Irrational Man (2015) and Coffee Society (2016) approached this score, with 942,000 and 984,000 entries respectively.

But his last two films had started his decline: Wonder Wheel, in 2017, only attracted 372,660 spectators. And A rainy day in New York (2019), released after accusations of sexual touching by his daughter Dylan Farrow, gathered 585,417 spectators.

The 86-year-old director has not yet said his last word: he will shoot his fiftieth film, a thriller, in Paris at the start of the school year.

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