With ten billion people it’s over

Demographer Wolfgang Lutz was a guest on “Vorarlberg LIVE” on Friday.

Many Austrians are still skeptical about the vaccination, but Omikron has the country completely under control. Demographer Wolfgang Lutz speaks in “Vorarlberg LIVE” about the supposed division in society and the lack of trust in science.

Video: Wolfgang Lutz on the pandemic

Text by Mirijam Haller/VN

Is the corona crisis causing the world population to shrink or grow less quickly? Or will it lead to a baby boom? How the corona pandemic will affect global population dynamics in the long term cannot yet be foreseen. “In any case, what we are experiencing as a result of the pandemic is nothing extraordinary from a demographic point of view. Over the past 150 years there have been constant epidemics, famines and wars that have led to an increase in the death rate,” explains demographer Wolfgang Lutz at Vorarlberg LIVE. Although studies show that life expectancy in Europe fell by half a year as a result of the pandemic, this must be seen in the context of a sharp increase in life expectancy overall, says the expert.

Video: Wolfgang Lutz on aging

Overall, Lutz predicts that world population will peak sometime during the 2070s. “Probably just below 10 billion and then it will start to decline.” It is true that wars, poverty, diseases and climate change will claim human lives in the future. But the main reason for the decline is different: the birth rate is falling worldwide.

Video: Wolfgang Lutz on social media

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