With the friend’s girlfriend: an unusual story, a wedding witness who ended up married and a shower of memes

This story could have been taken from any Hollywood fiction. However, it took place in Argentina. A young man went to his friend’s wedding to serve as a witness but when he returned, this friend sent him a message telling him that it was “Icardi”.

It was the girlfriend of the protagonist of this story, Flor Campolongo, who shared the details on her Twitter account and it quickly went viral. It all started when Flor’s boyfriend approached the civil registry to witness the wedding of a friend.

After the signing and completion of the ceremony, this young man receives that strange message. What happened? Due to an error in the uploading of Anses data, they registered him as the boyfriend and the real boyfriend as the witness.

This means that not only is he married to the friend’s girlfriend, but he also married for the first time and by mistake. “They married me to his girlfriend,” the young man told Flor, who did not hesitate to share the screenshot on the bird’s social network.

So unusual was the mistake that it took little time for major brands like Savora to join the “jokes” with a meme. “Now are they going to have to do divorce proceedings or what?”, “So in short, are you going to be with a divorced man?” “Icardi discovering a new type of vulture”, are some of the comments he received.

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