With the illusion to the fullest: Colo Colo returns from Argentina after an intense interseason with a view to the second part of 2022

El Cacique closed his interseason on the other side of the mountain range and during this day he will return to our country. Break time? Not at all, because tomorrow we go out on the field against Deportes Temuco for the Chile Cup and in a couple more weeks the action returns for the National Championship. In addition, there is the South American Cup and the brave match against Inter de Porto Alegre. It will be with everyone together, as it has always been.

El Cacique faces the second half of the year with several challenges.
© Colo Colo.El Cacique faces the second half of the year with several challenges.

Colo Colo ends a strenuous interseason in Argentina with several days of physical and football work, all with a view to the second half of the 2022 season, where being crowned in the National Championship, defending the title in the Copa Chile and going as far as possible in the Copa Sudamericana appear as the main objectives for Gustavo Quinteros and company.

The chief will cross the mountain range during this day to concentrate for the first challenge of the second semester, the Chile Cup, where they will face Deportes Temuco for the third phase this Saturday, June 18, starting at 6:00 p.m. in the first leg at the Monumental Stadium and for the second leg on Thursday, June 23 (6:00 p.m.) at the Germán Becker .

Unfortunately, the outlook in terms of hiring was not good. The albos will return from Argentina without any buckled reinforcement less than two weeks before the start of their participation in the Copa Sudamericana against Inter de Porto Alegre and the return to action for the local tournament.

“Always having the players from the beginning is much better than not having them, because of the work and to ensure that they get used to the idea of ​​the game, as well as training with their teammates and having the function. Negotiations were made, but new players could not be incorporated. Let’s hope they arrive on time, before the Copa Sudamericana matches or the start of the tournament”, said Quinteros himself somewhat resigned at a press conference.

Nevertheless, the same DT of the albos affirmed that he was able to get to know several young players more thoroughly in these days of work in Argentina, who will have several opportunities to play in the second half of the year.

The interseason allowed us to meet some of the guys we brought, such as Toledo or Dylan Portilla. Let’s hope we all get together tomorrow (today) in Santiago and start playing well on Saturday for the Chile Cup. (…) It has helped us to get to know these guys, to give them minutes and touch against strong teams”, he declared.

Despite these inconveniences when it comes to bringing reinforcements, the desire for victory in the Cacique’s dressing room is greater. A brave fight for the title is coming and a challenge of major words in the Copa Sudamericana, so the contribution of everyone in this pass will be essential. Come on albos!

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