With the move to iOS 16, the iPad will no longer be able to act as a hub for connected home devices

With the next version of iOS/iPadOS, HomeKit users wishing to access their connected home devices remotely will have to go through an Apple TV, a HomePod or a HomePod mini.

Used to using your iPad as a central point for your connected home devices? You will probably have to change your habits. Apple has just confirmed information discovered by our colleagues from MacRumors in the second beta version of iOS 16 for developers: the iPad can no longer act as a home hub (home hub in English).

This means that to connect all your devices compatible with the HomeKit standard (light bulbs, thermostats, blinds, security cameras, locks, etc.) in order to be able to access them remotely, you will need to have either a HomePod or a a HomePod mini or an Apple TV. Apple says in the iOS 16 beta:

“A home hub is required to take advantage of features such as receiving accessory notifications and allowing others to control your home. »

So without a hub, you won’t have notifications or the ability to control your devices remotely.

Note that in version 16 of iOS and iPadOS, the Home app will benefit from a new interface and a section dedicated to device categories, which can be seen at the top of the screen in the picture below.

The new iOS 16 Home app
(c) Apple

The removal of the home hub function in the iPad can be explained by an important project for Apple in connected home devices: the arrival of Matter, normally at the end of the year. This technology makes it possible to get out of the war of standards for home appliances and enjoys the support of many players, for example Amazon, Apple, Google, Huawei and Ikea. Thanks to Matter, HomeKit users will have access to other connected accessories. But as Apple indicates in the iOS 16 beta page “Matter accessories require an Apple TV or HomePod to be set up as a home hub. »

The other explanation is that Apple’s speakers and TV box are constantly powered up. Thus, even in standby, they are able to process information from other devices connected to the home network. However, the manufacturer has not given an official explanation for the abandonment of the function.

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