With the patronage of Larreta and criticism of Hebe, Fernán Quirós launched himself as a Buenos Aires candidate

The Minister of Health of the City of Buenos Aires, Fernán Quirós, confirmed that he will compete to succeed Horacio Rodríguez Larreta as head of the Buenos Aires Government in the 2023 elections.

“In these days I made the decision to prepare myself to be able to compete for the Head of Government next year,” said Quirós, when sharing with Larreta the inauguration ceremony of a new Community Health and Care Center, in the Villa Luro neighborhood .

For his part, Rodríguez Larreta praised Quirós for his role during the pandemic and expressed that “it is a pride that there are several (officials) who have the potential to continue with the transformation in the City.” Quirós, when reflecting on his candidacy, added that “Argentina and the people of Buenos Aires are at a very critical moment” with “enormous difficulties left by the pandemic” and also with “economic and social” problems.

“People are going through a very bad time. My conviction is that all public servants have to be willing to collaborate in caring for the community. I have a very great commitment and a very positive evaluation of what Horacio (Rodríguez Larreta) did ) in this management”.

The minister also indicated that he hopes to provide the City Government with “a humanist vision” in the context he described and “a strengthening of the network, of the social mesh that allows us to go through difficult times through social ties.”

“Trying to provide that differential, I have made the decision to prepare myself to offer my candidacy to the citizens” for the Buenos Aires Government Headquarters, Quirós stressed. , Soledad Acuña, “defended open schools against the onslaught of the national government” during the pandemic.

When naming the other PRO candidates to succeed him, he also stressed that “it is also a pride to have the Minister of Government, Jorge Macri, who has management experience in Vicente López”, and also highlighted Emmanuel Ferrario, first vice president of the Legislature.

“Obviously my predilection is in the PRO candidates, but because of radicalism there is also Martín Lousteau and for the Republican space Ricardo López Murphy and Roberto García Moritán are emerging,” said Rodríguez Larreta.

The head of Government expressed that “in the City there will be STEP and the people will choose, but it is a pride to have different candidates.”

In another order, and before the possible ruling of the Supreme Court for the conflict between the Nation and the City over co-participating funds, the Buenos Aires chief of staff, Felipe Miguel, pointed out that “we hope it will be resolved as soon as possible, but time limits defines the Court.

Meanwhile, when asked about the recent death of the head of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, Hebe de Bonafini, Rodríguez Larreta indicated: “I send my condolences to his family, but I cannot stop expressing my differences.”

“I do not agree in the slightest with violent expressions against the institutions, against the Court, (Hebe de Bonafini) pondered the attacks on the Twin Towers,” he said.

He added that “they are extreme positions that are the opposite of what I believe for our country,” and remarked that the human rights leader “has had a questionable participation in Shared Dreams, which today is questioned for cases of corruption,” about the plan of social housing in which Bonafini participated.

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