With the unknown about the “virtual” presence of Macri, in JxC they meet again next week

With the unknown about the

Patricia Bullrich and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, two of the leaders of the opposition /Web

Although the start of the World Cup once again put Mauricio Macri on display, who will remain in Qatar until December 19 as head of the FIFA Foundation, it helped to de-escalate the internal confrontation of Together for Change (JxC). The main figures of the PRO and the UCR continue with their campaign tours and will meet again on December 1 at a meeting of the technical teams in which they will debate the energy challenges facing Argentina with Vaca Muerta as the mecca of a sector that could turn the country’s trade balance for years.

Larreta comes from supporting the criticism of “hawks” of the PRO linked to Mauricio Macri

The meeting was finished diagramming last Monday in a Zoom held by the authorities in favor of radicalism, the PRO, the Civic Coalition and the Republican Peronism in which electoral issues from the different provinces were also discussed. But as a way of consolidating the dialogue that began at the National Table held about 10 days ago, it was agreed to bring together the main referents with technicians from the foundations of the parties that make up the coalition to discuss projects on energy issues. The appointment will be at the headquarters of the Buenos Aires gastronomy, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Constitución, and the great unknown is whether Macri will connect by video call.

It is discounted that Gerardo Morales (PRO) and Patricia Bullrich (PRO), both presidential candidates, Maxi Ferraro (CC) and Miguel Pichetto (Republican Peronism) will be present. The former Minister of Security seemed to de-escalate her confrontation with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, the other pre-candidate of the yellow party, and is focused on her pre-campaign tours: today she will visit San Miguel and Moreno in the western Conurbano with the leaders that she encourages to compete for the Buenos Aires governor, Joaquín de la Torre and Javier Iguacel.

Larreta, on the other hand, has just endured criticism from other PRO “hawks” linked to Macri, for his alliance with the Carambia brothers in Santa Cruz (one of them was one of the deputies who left the Cambiemos block after the defeat in the STEP 2019). Today that strange link that he maintains with Jorge Macri, Buenos Aires government secretary and one of the leaders who intends to succeed him in CABA, could crack, since he will share an act with his Minister of Health, Fernán Quirós, and could “bless” him as a candidate for head of Buenos Aires government.

Nor does he neglect his link with the radical senator Martín Lousteau, whom he enabled to compete in an internal contest for the head of government of the City of Buenos Aires. Patricia Bullrich, on the other hand, is close to the radical Alfredo Cornejo, head of the JxC interblock in the upper house, who last night participated in the radio program “Espacio Republicano”, which brings together leaders enrolled in the “hawks of the PRO”.

The “stop” for the World Cup does not prevent the opposition leaders from continuing with the “downs” to the districts in a kind of “pre-campaign” that promises to accelerate in the summer season. Larreta, in this sense, could be in La Matanza on Friday and on Saturday he will visit La Plata where he will hold a meeting with Mayor Julio Garro.

Governor Morales, meanwhile, comes from touring Chaco and Río Negro and next week he will be in Formosa, with the intention of “strengthening radicalism”; it is known that he will not launch his candidacy until next February or March. Yesterday he coincidentally shared a “family photo” with Gildo Insfrán from Formosa, in the framework of the meeting of the governors of the “Norte Grande”, who has just had a tough dispute with María Eugenia Vidal.

The main figures of the PRO and the UCR continue with their campaign tours

The other leader of the centennial party with ambitions to compete for the “Rivadavia chair”, Facundo Manes, is concentrating on his legislative task for the next session in Deputies. In his environment, they announced that next week he will give interviews in the national media again to cement “the superior message” with which he aspires to be above the “crack”. In parallel, his team designs the schedule of “pre-campaign” tours for December and January when, it is estimated, he will have a tour of the Province and various interior districts.

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