Withdrawal: he abused his victim after stealing his cell phone and was arrested

The incident occurred on the weekend afternoon, at the intersection of Madero and San Martín avenues in an open field that is a few meters from the place. Staff from Neighborhood Police Station 1A was alerted by a 15-year-old boy who reported that he had just been abused by a man.

The victim reported that he was intercepted by an unknown person wearing jean shorts, a blue and gray sweatshirt, and a cap. She first led him to a vacant lot, stole his cell phone, and then sexually assaulted him.

The fact was captured by the security cameras that saw how the event happened and alerted.

The suspect is 33 years old and was detained shortly after in a square on Avenida Antártida Argentina at 1100, dressed in the same clothes he was wearing at the time of the incident.

The detainee remained at the disposition of the Investigating Court 4 as accused of “sexual abuse” and “theft”.

The victim had to be transferred to the Fernández hospital since she was in a state of shock, while receiving comprehensive assistance from the Council for Children and Adolescents.

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