Without anesthesia: an expensive magnifying glass was stolen from a surgeon from La Plata and he will be several months without operating

A surgeon from La Plata is going through a hard time, since some criminals stole some expensive magnifying glasses that he uses to perform cardiovascular operations. The incident occurred at 8 and 32, where the criminals entered the specialist’s parked vehicle and took his bag with his work items. Given this, he began a desperate campaign because if he does not find them he will be four months without being able to work.

As they highlighted, her bag was in the trunk of her car, so the criminals inhibited their alarm and entered it in a matter of minutes, taking advantage of the fact that the surgeon had gone down to the cashier. The victim only realized the robbery when she went to look for her children and wanted to store their backpacks.

In the stolen bag were special magnifying glasses that cost $3,000 and with which he performs cardiovascular operations. They are specific for their use and are also adapted to the specialist, so that another person cannot use them.

Given this, the doctor made the corresponding complaint at the second police station in La Plata, but so far neither the perpetrators of the act nor the stolen items have been found.

The nightmare in first person

In dialogue with El Día, the surgeon Carlos Cotti showed his enormous bitterness for having been left without his vital work elements: “They are magnifying glasses that are useless to them, because they are made for me. They are personalized, they have my interpupillary distance and the whole structure of my skull. They cost about 3,000 dollars and they are made in the United States.”

It also cost that he will be four months without being able to work, if he cannot recover them: “They take four months to be done and I will be that time without being able to operate. It is a bitterness that I cannot believe, I went to make the complaint. They told me to do a loss, because they stole all my doctor’s stamps, with prescriptions for psychoactive drugs. Everything was in my bag”.

He also explained that he cannot believe that he is living this nightmare: “I have a anger because it is what one needs to work. What costs you first, earn money in this country and on top of that, being four months without being able to operate is terrible. With those magnifying glasses you don’t you can operate. It’s useless to them and they’re going to throw them in a trash can.”

He currently works in several hospitals such as San Juan de Dios, the Argentine Sanatorium and the Spanish Hospital, for which he had to suspend his agreed operations due to theft.

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