Without any Google code: Messenger service Threema makes itself independent on Android

With Libre, Threema has announced a version of its messenger app that works entirely without Google resources and is open source. The app is therefore not found in Google’s official Play Store, but in the alternative app store F-Droid, which only lists open-source apps and offers more transparency with regard to the required application permissions.

Threema Libre does not contain “a single line of code that requires a proprietary software library from Google or other third parties,” the provider writes in its blog. Interested parties can use Threema’s Reproducible Builds to convince themselves of Google freedom. For chat notifications, for example, use the recently released in-house Threema Push, which is independent of Google’s push service.

In addition to an installed F-Droid client, interested parties also need the appropriate Threema repository, which the provider has on a FAQ page provides. When moving from an old Threema version, the Swiss development team recommends creating a data backup and then restoring it in Threema Libre. Although parallel operation of the two Threema versions is possible, the team recommends deleting the old app afterwards.

To use the open-source messenger Threema Libre, you need to purchase a license key from the provider’s shop for EUR 4.99. If you already have a Threema license, you can use the old key in the new app on the same smartphone.

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