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Death has ceased to be news that hurts us as a society. Our reality has become a terrible way of living with ignominy and despair in a country that, day by day, seems to be getting out of hand in the face of the violence that lacerates the daily life of those who bet on a day in the that they can return to their homes.

Perhaps the news that would impact us immediately could be that, in a single day, a number of homicides, femicides or disappearances that would shake us were not reported. In this simple exercise of imagination, we realize that we are very far from something like that, because each of these numbers reflects the society that we are.

There is no way to understand that we have become accustomed to receiving this news as if it were an obligatory obituary or the delivery of a war report in which we realize that each death only has statistical purposes when justice has not yet been invited to our table –as Rosario Castellanos dreamed of it in her Tlatelolco Memorial.

During these days we have realized that looking at “the beam in someone else’s eye” is a good mechanism to create a veil that blurs the ominous and makes it possible to bet on oblivion: although there is horror in our country, it is better to talk more about of the handling of weapons and the shootings that occur in the United States. In the case of our country, the voices of the government have sought euphemisms to talk about the weapons that organized crime possesses and that never ceases to surprise us.

It is committed to quickly forgetting the atrocities that are heard and read daily, which is not so difficult when in the same day we can find out about a number of acts of violence that, sometimes, we prefer to close our eyes a little in the face of such news whirlwind. We go from stupor to perplexed compliance so as not to be devoured by rage and sadness. But those blows exist, their impacts hurt, they leave us a mark that cannot be easily erased and they leave us a reminder of what we are as a country.

Thus, the terrible murder of Daniel Picazo –when he was lynched in the community of Papatlazolco, in Puebla– leads us to question not only the actions of the authorities, but also his own importance in a society that has stopped trusting its institutions. Indeed, everything starts from a rumour, from the pernicious clamor that causes so much damage, and which culminates in a lynching that reminds us of the idea of ​​justice that existed in other times, but which only happened a few days ago. Thus, although there is already talk of a specific number of detainees, the question goes further, what happened to an entire community that was not able to stop such barbarity and that, possibly, became a spectator of the death of a person? And the authorities? Of course, only speeches that will proclaim justice and that will fade before the arrival of new atrocities.

The relevant news is that of a town that has starred in barbarism. But the other homicides, disappearances and femicides continue to be something that lacerates us as a society and that occur every day. But they only become cold statistics and a report that seems to be no longer relevant.

In what state are the municipal and state police? The answers are obtained in the citizens themselves, not in political speeches. It is “curious” that the old flags of those who today are part of the government of the intended transformation, and participate in that silence that justifies that the members of the National Guard are spectators in the front row and that the Army has only become a contractor, source of cheap labor, administrator and main economic partner of the current government.

Unfortunately there is not much news in these stories. Let’s not forget the words of Elie Wiesel, “in the face of atrocities we have to take sides. The neutral position always helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence stimulates the executioner, never the one who suffers”. Do not forget who raised their voices in other times. Keep in mind those who remain silent today in the face of the situation of a country that is lost in its own despair.

However, the answer to this whirlwind is found in the citizens themselves, that is what we cannot forget.

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