Without attention in Texas for a month, Hondurans request consul resignation - Hola News

Without attention in Texas for a month, Hondurans request consul resignation – Hola News

Miami, Mar 18 (EFE) They asked for the consul’s resignation.

As the president of the September 15 Foundation, Juan Flores, told EFE, the consular authorities reported that this Saturday there would finally be attention to Hondurans, however the headquarters did not open the doors and no one has provided them with any information.

Flores added that neither the consul, Misael Vallecido, nor the Honduran Foreign Ministry has answered the phone calls made to respond to the non-opening of this new headquarters, which should have started operating on February 23, according to what he said.

Apparently, the cause would be related to the lack of authorization from the US State Department to open the new headquarters, according to Flores, who added that the lack of attention affects thousands of Hondurans.

“We are upset,” the head of the Honduran organization said by telephone from Texas, who pointed out that they have begun collecting signatures to request the consul’s resignation, and that on Sunday the community of the Central American country will hold a meeting to study what steps futures take.

The one in Houston is one of the three consulates that Nicaragua has in Texas and the one that serves the most nationals in that state.

One of those who went to the new consular office with her documents in hand to start the passport renewal process was Keidi Ramos, a young resident of San Antonio, Texas, and mother of a 2-year-old daughter, the youngest Medicaid, the American subsidized insurance, expires on March 31.

Without a work permit and “in the middle of an immigration process,” as Ramos explained to EFE, this mother can only renew this health insurance with her Honduran passport, the only official document accepted by the US authorities.

“Who is going to answer for the medical bills?” questioned the woman, who described the quality of care provided by the Honduran consulates as a “disaster”.

The woman joined the request for Consul Vallecido to resign and asked for “new authorized personnel who really do their job.”

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