Without E3 2022, here is the schedule of summer video game conferences!

For years, the major players in the video game industry have been meeting players from all over the world between May and August to unveil their greatest games. Whether through conferences or fairs, these three months are by far the richest in announcements in the world of video games. The COVID 19 pandemic has changed the situation for the organization of these events, but the studios have not stopped working and will once again have many projects to present to you. Like every year, Xboxygen will closely follow all the news of these events not to be missed and we have just listed the most important of them. Here are the video game conferences not to be missed in your diaries!


June 2022

Summer Game Fest 2022 – June 9 – Online

Launched in 2020 in the midst of a pandemic, the Summer Game Fest has become the central event replacing the legendary E3, the latter being gradually losing momentum and struggling to renew itself. This year again, E3 will not take place, but Geoff Keighley is back in force with this third edition of the Summer Game Fest during which many publishers will be present: EA, 2K, Activision, Capcom, Gearbox, Bandai Namco or Square. Enix to name a few.

It remains to be seen how this Summer Game Fest 2022 will unfold and what announcements will be made there. Depending on the latter, this third edition could well mark the advent of the conference created by Geoff Keigley in the face of E3, which is perhaps in the process of passing the baton to the SGF. This Summer Game Fest will include several conferences listed below over three days.

Follow the Summer Game Fest 2022 conference

Tribeca Games Spotlight – June 10 – Online

Straight out of the famous Tribeca Film Festival, the

Tribeca Games Spotlight

. For Microsoft, this is the perfect opportunity to present the projects of Xbox Games Studios which continue to grow as well as their production potential. On the program, we are already guaranteed to be entitled to a presentation of Starfield which will be eagerly awaited, but the other games presented are still mysterious. Why not Fable 4 which is struggling to give its news or even Avowed, the new RPG IP developed by Obsidian? Will Xbox and Bethesda present us with unexpected projects? Go to Xboxygen on June 12 at 7 p.m. to follow this 90-minute show and all the announcements live.

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August 2022

THQ Nordic Showcase – August 12 – Online

Launched in 2021 for the 10th anniversary of the Swedish house, the THQ Nordic Showcase will finally offer a second edition next August. Outcast 2: A New Beginning and Jagged Alliance 3 are among the two planned headliners, but no one knows if other surprises will be there. It will therefore be necessary to be present on August 12 at 9 p.m. to be sure.

QuakeCon 2022 – August 18-20 – Online

In addition to the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, Bethesda will continue to organize its famous QuakeCon which will take place live for this 2022 edition. The physical edition will normally return in 2023, but until then, Bethesda will surely have great projects for us. present and this meeting should in particular allow us to discover a little more Starfield when we will only be three months away from its release. Will a new Quake game be announced this summer?

Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 – August 25 – Cologne, Germany

This year, Gamescom 2022: The physical show is making a comeback and going green will also mark its big return to physical after the COVID 19 pandemic. The German show will focus on environmental protection at different scales regarding its organization, the conferences or the transport used. Geoff Keighley is never far away and the latter will precisely present the Opening Night Live of this Gamescom which will return in physical and digital format from August 24 to 28.

Events that remain to be confirmed

As of this writing, not all of the cast have announced their conferences yet. However, we know that some of them will not be able to do without a dedicated event. Rising production costs also lead to higher marketing costs to promote new games, and at a time when the video game offer has never been so wide, everyone must stand out. You will find below the list of conferences that have not yet been announced, but for which an announcement is expected soon.

Ubisoft Forward 2022

The 2022 Ubisoft Forward conference has not yet formalized its holding, but Ubisoft should not ignore this major conference. The opportunity for the French group to evoke highly anticipated titles such as Skull & Bones or The Settlers. Ubisoft also usually takes the opportunity to discuss the situation of current licenses and new features concerning these: Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, The Crew or Riders Republic.

State of Play PlayStation

Still no confirmation from Sony regarding a possible State of Play this summer after an edition was presented in March. It’s hard to see Sony ignoring this event in the coming months, especially with the arrival of the PlayStation Plus subscription at different levels. This premium PS Plus intends to interfere in the Xbox Game Pass market and Sony will have to find the right arguments and make noise around a notable event. A State of Play would be ideal in this context.

Devolver Direct

The independent game publisher Devolver has not formalized the holding of a Devolver Direct 2022. However, these are not the projects that are missing within the American house, both with licenses already released and in expected projects : Demon Throttle, Wizards with a Gun or Terra Nil. As always, the potential discovery of new IPs is very exciting, especially considering the quality of the games published by Devolver. It only remains to be seen whether a date will actually be set.

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