Without eggs or flour, this delicious apple-based dessert is super quick to make in a pan

We don’t always have time to devote to household chores and cooking. Between work, family, everyday commitments, we often forget to go shopping at the supermarket.

When time is short and the desire to cook is lacking, we can prepare very quick dishes, not very demanding but equally tasty. Just like this recipe described in a previous article “No more boiled potatoes without flavor thanks to this tasty, fast and cheap recipe”.

Without eggs or flour, this delicious apple-based dessert is super quick to make in a pan

There are foods often found on the tables of Italians. For example, apples are simple, crunchy, tasty and low in calories.

The tree it comes from is native to Central Asia and can reach considerable heights. Apple is the most consumed fruit in Italy, rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

There are many desserts that we can prepare with this tasty food: tarts, cakes, donuts, etc. But when we have forgotten to go shopping and we have few products at home, thanks to the recipe that we propose in the next few lines, we should no longer repress our desire for dessert.

Today We at ProiezionidiBorsa want to offer a very tasty alternative. In fact, this delicious apple-based dessert is super quick to make in a pan without eggs or flour.

Ingredients for preparing caramelized apples

  • 3 mele;
  • 40 g of butter;
  • 80 g of brown sugar;
  • ground cinnamon as required.

Let’s start our recipe by washing the 3 apples thoroughly. Peel them, remove the core and cut them into slices that are not too thin. We melt the butter in a non-stick pan, being careful not to raise the heat too much. Now add the apple slices, the sugar and let it cook for a few minutes. When the sugar has melted, turn up the heat and caramelize for 1 minute. We mix often to prevent the apples from burning or sticking together. We add the cinnamon and turn off the heat.

Our caramelized apples are ready. We can serve them on a plate next to a slice of cake, a scoop of vanilla ice cream or simply whipped cream.

We can also replace cinnamon with any other more welcome spice. For example vanilla or ginger. In short, we can create the dessert we like best.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only. We do not know the eating habits and possible intolerances of our readers and for this reason it is recommended to consult your doctor about foods that could cause damage to your health. In any case it is strongly it is recommended to read the warnings given WHO”)

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