Without leaving the diet: check out 3 recipes for breakfast to lose weight

Healthy eating starts with the first meal of the day. A good breakfast is responsible for replenishing the energy spent during sleep, a period in which we spend many hours without eating, and also gives us strength and willingness to carry out daily tasks.

According to nutritionist Lais Argolo, from Ravenna Maximo Therapeutic Center, a nutritious breakfast is essential for anyone who wants to lose weight. “A healthy breakfast is very important in the weight loss process, as it provides energy and energy for the person’s day”, he says.

The expert says that there are some foods that can be eaten in the meal to give more satiety, aid digestion and provide a good amount of protein for the body.

“In the case of chia, it gives a lot of satiety because it is rich in soluble fiber and a source of omega 3, preventing the person from snacking during the morning”, he explains.

On the specialist’s list, oats also appear as one of the ideal foods for breakfast. Because it is rich in fiber, it helps to regulate intestinal transit and promote satiety. See 3 recipes recommended by the specialist in weight loss.

Check out the 3 breakfast recipes:

Chia pudding
1 natural yogurt
1 dessert spoon of chia
2 chopped prunes
1 teaspoon of bee honey or agave syrup
2 drops of vanilla essence (optional)
1 banana
3 strawberries

Preparation method:
In a bowl mix all ingredients, close with a lid or pvc film and refrigerate for at least 6 hours. The ideal is to prepare at night to consume in the morning.
When consuming, complete with slices of banana and strawberry.

Other fruits can be used to prepare chia pudding

Chocolate Pancake
1 silver banana
1 this
1 tablespoon of oat
1/2 cinnamon coffee spoon
1 teaspoon of 70% chocolate powder
1 coffee spoon of chemical yeast

Preparation mode
Crush the banana and beat with the egg. Add dry ingredients and mix to form a smooth dough. Place in a skillet and cover to roast one side. Turn the pancake over to brown the other side.
Suggestion: serve with honey or a cream cheese.

Chocolate pancakes are a delicious option

pan cheese bread
1 this
1 spoon of tapioca
40g of grated mozzarella
1 teaspoon of chia
1 teaspoon of chemical yeast
1 puff of salt

Preparation mode
Take the egg, tapioca, salt, cheese and yeast to a blender or a mixer. Finally, mix the chia and place in a pan until golden on both sides.

Suggestion: place in cupcake pans and airfryer or oven until golden.

Thalita Vasconcelos is an intern at the Mentor Program and is under the supervision of the publisher Maria Eugênia

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