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Don Alfredo, already helped a reader with tips to know if an LV bag is genuine or not; now help me: how to know if a Rolex is genuine?

A. Good question, as there is always the temptation to buy a bargain, which is actually wasting your money.

The first thing is to carefully look for obvious errors or flaws in the watch. Quality watches are made using very strict quality standards. High quality sharp letter and numbers.

Make sure the clasp works and the watch itself can keep time well.

Many low-quality fake Rolexes have poorly centered crown seals.

If any of the letters or numbers are confusing or hard to read, you can assume that the watch is probably a fake, including the serial numbers.

Check the watch. Please note that genuine designer watches are made with precious metals and have many small moving parts. Because of this, the watch will feel a bit heavier than it looks. However, if the watch is fake, it will be surprisingly light.

In the last century, a good friend gave me a Rolex for my wife that started to fall behind and I took it to the dealer, who after taking it in his hands immediately told me that it was fake. He proceeded to open it up and show me the inside of it: Japanese machinery!

Like LVs, best buy from a reputable jewelry store.


The Mona Lisa, is she smiling and does she have (or does she) have eyebrows?

A. There is a good chance that in painting the Mona Lisa, Da Vinci recognized the fashion trends of 16th century Italy, which had women plucking or shaving off their eyebrows. It is also within reason that Lisa Gherardini, suspected of being the painting’s model, may have lacked eyebrows for that reason.

Again, advances in science and technology come to the rescue. In 2007, a French photographer and engineer named Pascal Cotte tried to answer that question. Using a proprietary camera capable of capturing an image of 240 million pixels, he claimed that he was able to visualize a faint representation of an eyebrow hair on his face.

Perhaps Da Vinci intended to represent his subject with the eyebrows.


In a recent column you answered the question about taste and I want to share with you that this happens when you do Keto diets and you eliminate ketones and release them. They come out through the urine, they circulate through our body, the mouth smells and tastes of metal, but the worst thing is that the people who have this, if it is, I think, as a disease, all of it smells.

A. Tony DDC, thank you for your kind contribution. The unexpected consequences of this diet!


I have been diagnosed with bruxism, what method or solution can you recommend?

A. The most effective is a plastic mouth guard at night. This leaves space between the upper and lower teeth to protect them and allows the jaw muscles to relax. Ask your dentist to prescribe one that is not expensive, there are.

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