“Without water you cannot live”: neighbors call for a march of black balloons in La Plata

After the heat wave that shook the city in recent weeks and the growing problems around the water supply in La Plata and the rest of the region, The Tolosa Neighborhood Assembly launched a broad call to march in the city and return to bring their claims to the Governor’s Office. The residents will reissue the protest held on Tuesday the 7th of this month and demand once again that access to this vital service be guaranteed.

The protest will take place next Wednesday the 23rd from 6:00 p.m.in front of the Buenos Aires Government House located at 6 between 50 and 54.

Thus, in the midst of the celebration of World Water Day, a day that seeks to raise awareness and inspire actions to address the global water crisis; the frontiers affected by the lack of supply will again demand answers from the provincial authorities and Aguas Bonaerenses SA (ABSA), the company in charge of the service.

“Without water you cannot live, and there is no clean water”denounce the neighbors and, at the same time, they ask themselves “what is expected to declare a water emergency in the city of La Plata?”.

Within this framework, the organizers they asked all attendees to come with a shirt and black balloons and a bucketto demonstrate against the cuts in the drinking water service that in many cases take days, weeks and even months.

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