Wolf attack outside Finspång – eight dead sheep

This weekend’s attack took place on the border of the so-called Långbogen territory, which is Östergötland’s only wolf territory. But whether the wolves come from there is currently impossible to answer, says Lovisa Häggström, wildlife and rural affairs officer at the Sörmland County Administrative Board.

The County Administrative Board has visited the farm for an inspection. At the moment, they are waiting for results from DNA samples taken on the infected sheep.

Is it common for wolves to move outside the territory?

– Young wolves often move outside the territory when it is time for them to move from the territory in which they were born, according to Lovisa Häggström,

In the last two years, there have been few attacks from the Långbogen territory. According to the County Administrative Board, there are six attacks or disturbances.

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How much does the wolf eat? Hunting care consultant Matilda Söderqvist explains.

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