Wolverine, Blade, and Magik Get New Outfits in Midnight Suns

An update has arrived for Wolverines, Blade Y magickwell actually it’s about supernatural updates in the next issue of comics from Midnight Sunsthis Marvel team-up series features Wolverine, Blade, Kushala (the Ghost Rider known as Spirit Rider), Magik, Nico Minoru, and Strange Academy breakout star Zoe Laveau.

Now, they see a dangerous new threat coming to the Marvel Universe, and it’s up to the Midnight Suns to stop it, which is why the characters of Wolverine, Blade, and Magik play a big part in Midnight Suns, and that will be seen later this year when Midnight Suns #4 updates the costumes of the heroes, while also giving them new powers.

marvel comics will bring several novelties, among which were included Midnight Suns #4 From the writer Ethan Sacks and the artist Luigi Zagariaso on David Nakayama’s cover we see Wolverine, Blade and Magik in their Midnight Suns armor, and now, all three heroes have black battle armor with fire red weapons, said swords are Wolverine’s Adamantium, the Magik’s soulsword and Blade’s sword and knife are all lit up with red energy, a new magical source coming alongside their new outfits in the comic.

“As a fan of the original MIDNIGHT SONS, I’m honored and excited to continue that legacy, and I’m grateful to editor Tom Groneman for giving me the opportunity to venture into this mystical corner of the Marvel Universe,” said Sacks. “We’re going to evoke some wild, otherworldly action to go along with some themes that have real-world resonance. Having fallen in love with the concept of the team book in STAR WARS: BOUNTY HUNTERS, I’m poised and ready to put this lineup of heroes through the hell… so to speak. Seeing the pages of the first issue appear, I can also say that the art of artist Luigi Zagaria will cast a spell on readers,” Sacks said of his collaborator. “It’s an impressive job. He’s at the top of his game.”

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