Woman discovers grapefruit-sized cysts on ovaries: ‘Too much pain’

A 26-year-old woman from the United States discovered that the severe pelvic pain she had felt since adolescence was caused by two large cysts located in her right ovary. The revelation came alongside her diagnosis of endometriosis after she collapsed to the ground suffering from pain and shortness of breath in 2015.

Farren Bay, who lives in California, shares her journey with endometriosis and talks about cyst removal online, with the aim of warning and encouraging other women about the uterine disorder.

“I felt like my insides were being ripped out”, describes the American in a video. Farren, now 33, was shocked to discover grapefruit-sized cysts in her uterus. The fruit is equivalent in size to a large orange.

The woman had suffered from severe menstrual cramps since adolescence, but doctors believed it was either constipation or a urinary tract infection. It was only with the episode of intense suffering that the tests finally identified endometriosis, caused when the tissue that normally lines the uterus starts to grow in other areas of the female reproductive system, such as the ovaries.

The American recalls the day she discovered the reason for the pain: “I called my father to ask for help. When he arrived, he found me lying on the floor, struggling to breathe. Paramedics came and I was taken to the hospital, where they found two grapefruit-sized cysts on my right ovary.”

The woman reports that before the doctors opted for surgery, she was admitted to the hospital for observation. “My gynecologist said that if I didn’t get better by the next morning, surgery would be the best option,” she added.

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Farren, who is a hospital technician, says she had a temporary menopause caused by the first wave of medication taken before the cysts were removed. She claims to suffer from constant nausea and feels “trapped in the body of an old woman”, as well as regretting not being able to perform the activities she wants. After the laparoscopic surgery, the woman reported experiencing chills, insomnia, sudden mood swings, and memory loss.

Currently, she takes medication to relieve pain, but reports that the drugs do not prevent her from experiencing frequent discomfort. The hospital technician was removed from the service for a year due to the condition and reported that she was unable to pay the rent, gas for the car, or food.

According to doctors, she can still have children, but only through the ovary and fallopian tubes on the left side. Farren hopes, by sharing her experience with the condition, will help patients feel less alone and have the strength to deal with their pain.

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