Woman killed three of her children, her eldest son helped her

California, United States.- A woman from The Angels (California) confessed that he killed three of his seven children with the help of his eldest son, a 16-year-old teenager.

Before the bodies of the victims were found, the woman was seen in her neighbors’ garden screaming and lighting candles.

Angela Dawn Flowers and an unidentified minor were arrested and face charges for the death of the woman’s three children, in events that occurred on the morning of Sunday, May 8, in the San Fernando Valley.

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$! Woman killed three of her children, her eldest son helped her

Flores, 38, was arrested after her three children were found dead at her West Hills neighborhood residence; The minor was arrested on Monday, the Los Angeles Police reported.

At the time of the arrest, neither the relationship with the mother or the children had been revealed, but today it is known that the minor detained is the eldest son of the accused, 16 years old.

The victims, two boys and a girl between the ages of 8 and 12, were found when police officers went to a Los Angeles County home in response to a report of an attack with a deadly weapon, police sources told local media.

Flores faces three counts of murder and is being held on $6 million bail.

According to the sources, Flores was initially taken to a hospital for “mental health issues” and released on Sunday. She was later arrested when she was being questioned about what happened.

The other children of the accused were at their father’s residence last Sunday.

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