Woman slaps French President Emmanuel Macron: VIDEO

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, was slapped by a woman this Sunday, during a dialogue with citizens in the streets of Paris. This would be the second time in the french president receives an attack of this type, the previous one was in 2021.

It turned out that, on this occasion, the President Macron He approached a group of Parisian citizens to greet them when a woman began to rebuke him and finally slapped him.

It should be noted, as reported in La Verdad Noticias, Macron previously met with the Pope to discuss peace and war in Ukraine.

Video of when the woman slaps Macron

After this, the escorts of the French leader approached the aggressor and subdued her on the ground. Witnesses from the scene filmed the event, which quickly went viral on social media.

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This is the second slap received by Macron


On June 8, 2021, a man in a crowd also slapped Macron on the face. Damien Tarel, 28, was arrested for the case.

The individual received a four-month prison sentence for the fact. But this is not the only precedent of attacks on Macron in his political career either.

In 2016, when Macron served as economy minister, several left-wing trade unionists pelted him with eggs during a walkout in Montreuil. on the outskirts of Paris.

While, in June 2018, as a candidate for the French presidential elections, he was at the Paris Agricultural Show and was hit with an egg on his forehead.

“They are hazards of the trade,” he then told the press.

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