Women in Kabul demonstrate, take to the streets to demand their rights

In the midst of terror, women in Kabul demonstrate in defense of their rights throughout Afghanistan, this is due to the application of Sharia law that violates many rights.

This in the midst of the promises of the Taliban of an amnesty, the call of international organizations to help and that the conversations and pleas for help are given through social networks.

Why do women in Kabul demonstrate? As was said in The Truth News Before the takeover of the Taliban, women are already experiencing the changes, so they are now looking for their rights to be respected.

Women in Kabul Demonstrate

The women’s demonstration in Kabul is treated as something extraordinary and unique.

Local journalists and correspondents in Kabul, Afghanistan, note that this it was something extraordinary and it is the first that occurs in the context of the arrival of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan.

This is because the Taliban will give women rights as allowed by Islam, however, there are clear differences between men and women, for example having to cover themselves completely or not going out without a man (husband, father or brother) at streets.

Afghanistan amid chaos and secrecy

If it weren’t for correspondents and social media, you wouldn’t know what’s going on in Afghanistan.

Thanks to the work of correspondents, local journalists and the daily reports that the Afghans themselves share on the networks, it would not be possible to know what is happening. Although in his first conference of the Taliban, this one was plagued of “peace”.

This is how it became known that women in Kabul are demonstrating, and it is that the first Taliban government (from 1996 to 2001), meant the imposition of a series of civil and legal codes, which violated the rights of citizenship and, even more so , of girls, adolescents and adult women, which you can find out in the Afghanistan War 2021.

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