Women’s Colo Colo vs. Huachipato: See LIVE and ONLINE date 8 of the 2022 National Championship

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Those led by Luis Mena will seek the three points against the steel companies to continue adding a perfect score in the tournament.

The albs will seek to ratify their great moment in their visit to Huachipato.
© colo coloThe albs will seek to ratify their great moment in their visit to Huachipato.

Women’s Colo Colo returns to action and this Sunday they will face Huachipato at the El Morro de Talcahuano stadium, as part of the eighth day of the 2022 National Championship.

Those led by Luis Mena come to this match on fire after beating Palestino 3-0 on the previous date, which left them at the top of the leaderboard with 15 units.

Albas only know of victories and add perfect score in the tournamentwhich has them in third place, behind Universidad de Chile and Santiago Morning, which add up to 21, although with two games less.

Opposite will be the Steelers, who are not going through a good moment and They come from falling 4 to 1 against Universidad de Concepciónwhich left them at the bottom of the table with only three points.

Schedule: When does Colo Colo Feminine vs. Huachipato play?

Colo Colo Feminine will face off against Huachipato this Sunday, May 15, starting at 1:00 p.m. at the Morro de Talcahuano stadium.

Television: On which channel to watch the Colo Colo Feminine vs. Huachipato live on TV?

The match between albas and acereras will be broadcast by DirecTV Sports, on the following channels depending on your cable operator:

DirecTV Sports:

DirecTV Sports: 610 (SD) – 1610 (HD)

DirecTV Sports: 611 (SD)

DirecTV Sports 2: 612 (SD) – 1612 (HD)

DirecTV Sports +: 613 (SD) – 1613 (HD)

Online: Where to watch live streaming Colo Colo Feminine vs Huachipato?

The match between Colo Colo Feminine and Huachipato will be broadcast by Live Streaming through DirecTV GO.

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