Women’s League: This is how the crosses were defined in the quarterfinals

This Tuesday the quarterfinal clashes of the Colombian Women’s Professional Leaguedraw that was postponed due to heavy rains that delayed the end of the game between Sports Pereira Y Deportivo Cali, which ended 2-1 in favor of the MatecaƱas. Despite this, the eight classified teams did not suffer major changes.

America, Santa Fe, Cali and Medellin They occupied the first four places, so they were all seeded.

Millionaires, Pereira, Junior and Llaneros they occupied the next four positions, respectively.

This is how the quarterfinal keys were defined

Bracket A: Junior vs. America

Key B: Llaneros vs. Santa Fe

Key C: Millionaires vs. Cali

Key D: Pereira vs. Independent Medellin

As for the semifinals, a new capital classic could be experienced between Santa Fe and Millonarios in the semifinals.

Semifinal 1: Winner of Key A vs. Key D Winner

Semifinal 2: Winner of Key B vs. Key C Winner

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