Women’s relay team achieved record and classification to the final in 4×100

The Colombian women’s relay athletics team played an outstanding role in the test 4×100 metersafter qualifying for the final of the same in the U-20 World Cup that takes place in Cali.

The set made up of María Alejandra Murillo, Marlet Ospino, Melany Bolaño and Laura Martínez -who was in charge of finishing off the test-, crossed the finish line in the second box with a time of 44.34, which allowed at the same time to reach a national record.

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The winners of this heat were the British, who achieved the mark of 43.78 and they are emerging as one of the main rivals for the final. In addition to the American team and the Jamaican.

The final of this test will take place this Friday at 5:30 pm On the other hand, the Colombian men’s relay team had qualified to the respective final in the first position, but were disqualified for lane invasion.

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