Women’s squad wet Luis Mena whole for his birthday

Today is a special date for Luis Mena, who is on his birthday and reaches 42 years old. A figure not less for the Multi-Champion, who celebrated it by directing Colo Colo Femenino.

Colo Colo Femenino gave Santiago Wanderers 4-0 with goals from Javiera Grez, Elisa Durán, Fernanda Hidalgo and Isidora Olave, but that was not all, but there was something else in the dressing room.

The Cacique’s players called the Multi-Champion to the dressing room to make him an entertaining surprise. Luis Mena suffered under the hands of his leaders, who doused him with water and isotonic drink.

Luis Mena and his birthday celebration

This could be seen in Instagram stories where Luis Mena, with a smile on his face, was happy for all the affection of his pupils after celebrating the victory against Santiago Wanderers.

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