Wonder Man: everything we know about the next Marvel Studios series

Marvel Studios is preparing for the development of a new live-action series for Disney+, in which he will integrate a character who has not yet appeared in the Cinematic Universe (MCU, for its acronym in English), but who is one of the oldest in comics. We talk about Wonder Man.

Last week it became known that the giant studio has chosen the showrunners of its next program: the director of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Destin Daniel Crettonand the writer and producer Andrew Guest. The first will be the producer and will direct one or more episodes, while the second will be the main writer.

The show, whose lead actor is unknown, is in its early stages of development. and filming is expected to begin in 2023.

There are no further details about how Marvel Studios will integrate Wonder Man into the MCU, but it could be another WandaVision spin-off, like the series they will produce about Agatha Harkness, the villain played by Kathryn Hahn. Why? For his relationship with the character of the Scarlet Witch and Vision.

The origin of Wonder Man

Wonder Man is one of Marvel’s oldest characters, first introduced in 1964 in the pages of Avengers No 9. He was initially a villain and only appeared sporadically in the early Age of Marvel, but he was reconceived as hero and Avenger in the late seventies.

In the 1980s, the character was exposed as Simon Williamsa founding member of the Los Angeles-based West Coast Avengers and, with a look that included a turtleneck sweater, a red jacket, and sunglasses, becoming a celebrity thanks to his day job as actor.

Wonder Man’s powers are derived from the ionic energy, which was part of an experiment of Baron Zemo, another one that already appeared in the MCU. skills are enhanced strength and speed, flight, invulnerability, regenerative healing, shapeshifting, teleportation, and size alteration.

In addition to those powers, it is essentially immortalsince the ionic rays have affected your cells in a way that makes it self sufficient: does not need food, sleep, water or oxygen to survive. It is also immune to agingdiseases and infections.

Curiously, Wonder Man developed strong ties Vision and Wanda Maximoff, stars of the award-winning Disney+ series, WandaVision. The stories linked him to the android through ionic energy and brain waves which implied that the two were brothers.

Also, Simon Williams has feelings for Wanda, after the Vision was dismantled, something that could easily be adapted into the MCU as a plot for the series. A new love story?

Another possibility is to tell its origin as the comics narrate it, from the hand of Baron Zemo, excellently played by Daniel Brühl.

If an exact comic book origin is to be used for Wonder Man, featuring Simon Williams as head of his father’s munitions business, competing with Stark Industries, and eventually falling from grace due to embezzlement, could lead him straight to getting his powers from Zemo.

We will see how Marvel Studios introduces Wonder Man. Perhaps before the launch of his series he can have a cameo in Armor Wars.

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