Woody Allen clarifies that he "has no intention of retiring"

After an interview which suggested that his next film would be his last, the New York director corrects the situation through his spokesperson.

Woody Allen fans can be reassured: the New York director is (perhaps) not retiring yet. A few days after ambiguous remarks on the possibility of ending his career, the filmmaker clarified the situation on Monday in a press release from his spokesperson, relayed by Deadline:

“Woody Allen never said he was planning to retire, or that he was going to write another novel. He said he was considering not making movies, because he takes little pleasure in make films that find themselves immediately or very quickly on streaming platforms. He is a great lover of the cinematic experience. For the moment, he has no intention of retiring, and he is very happy to to be in Paris to direct his next film, which will be his fiftieth.”

These remarks correct a speech published by the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia. “My goal is to stop making films and focus on writing. At the moment, I’m thinking more of a novel”, indicated the filmmaker, adding that he did not plan to write immediately. his autobiography.

“I don’t have as much fun anymore”

In an interview with Alec Baldwin last June, Woody Allen briefly mentioned his desire to quit acting. “I’m probably going to do that extra movie but a lot of the excitement has evaporated,” he had said.

“I don’t have as much fun making a movie and getting it on the big screen anymore,” he added, referring to the changes in the movie industry with the arrival of streaming. “I’ll do another one then I’ll see how I feel.”

A “very sinister” new film

This new film, shot in France and in French, would be in the vein of Match Point, according to Woody Allen. “It will be thrilling, dramatic and also very sinister,” said the 86-year-old filmmaker, who just released Zero Gravitya collection of comic short stories.

Woody Allen, fell out of favor in the United States after his adopted daughter accused him of sexually abusing her when she was a childhas always been very popular in France, and has toured several times in Paris, notably for Mindnight in Paris.

Released last July Rifkin’s FestivalWoody Allen’s latest film, however, did less well than his previous ones, with nearly 89,000 admissions, the director’s worst score in France.

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