Work: are the French less productive than other Europeans?



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The sentence pronounced by Emmanuel Macron, Tuesday, October 12, provokes a controversy. According to him, France works less than other European countries. François Beaudonnet, journalist for France 3 takes stock of the situation live on the 19/20 set.

Yesterday, the head of state felt that France was a country that worked less than the others. This is a sentence that has given rise to some disputes. The President of the Republic, is he right? “If we take the criterion of working time over one year, the President of the Republic is right to say that we work less than our European neighbors”, analyzes the journalist François Beaudonnet on the 19/20 plateau. According to Eurostat, over a year, the French would work 1,421 hours, while in Spain, for example, the total would be 1,613 hours.

One of the rights of French workers, les RTT, would be the cause. “It is thanks or because of the days of RTT created with the 35 hours and that our European neighbors do not know”, explains the journalist. However, on a weekly basis, the French would work more. Indeed, still according to Eurostat, in Germany, the average time would be 34.7 hours, while in France, it would be around 38 hours. France would therefore rank 7th European country in terms of productivity.

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