World Cup 2022: ARD has to change moderators again

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Jessy Wellmer moderates the “Sportschau” on Saturday and the “Sportschau Thema”.Image: IMAGO / Ulrich Hufnagel

World Cup 2022

Helen Kleinschmidt

The public TV stations will also be broadcasting numerous games live at this World Cup. ZDF took over for the first three days, on Wednesday ARD broadcast Germany’s first group game against Japan. On Thursday, three of the four players will be broadcast again on ZDF, before the live broadcast will take place again on the first on Friday.

There, however, it is just haywire in terms of personnel. Alexander Bommes was originally supposed to moderate the World Cup games on Wednesday. Since he is absent due to illness, he has to take a break for the time being. Instead, Jessy Wellmer took over the position from Alexander Bommes and, in addition to the “Sportschau Thema” program, also moderated the live broadcast on the first.

ARCHIVE - 05/24/2016, NA, Hamburg: Alexander Bommes, moderator.  (to dpa:

Alexander Bommes moderates several programs on ARD.Image: dpa / Lukas Schulze

Claus Lufen takes over “Sportschau Thema” for the first time

However, “Sportschau Thema” connects several times to the broadcasts of the World Cup games, which is why the first wanted to look for an alternative and now rescheduled again.

According to a press release from the broadcaster, Claus Lufen will moderate the “Sportschau Thema” edition from Friday. For the time being, the presenter Jessy Wellmer will continue to present the World Cup broadcasts from the studio in Mainz.

Claus Lufen has long been part of ARD sports reporting. Since 1992 he has been in action at numerous Olympic Games and football broadcasts. Many may also know him from the athletics broadcasts in the first, where he is the face.

In the program “Sportschau Thema”, which is a mixture of talk format and reportage program, Lufen has its premiere as a moderator. Already on Friday, November 25th, he will take over the show from 11:20 p.m. with the topic “Sport. Power. politics.”

Claus LUFEN ARD moderator with microphone, WDR soccer Laenderspiel women, World Cup qualification, Germany GER - Israel ISR 7: 0, on October 26th, 2021 in Essen / Germany.  *** Claus LUFEN ARD presenter with micro ...

Claus Lufen will moderate the show “Sportschau Thema” for the first time on Friday.Image: IMAGO / Sven Simon

Vortex about “One Love” bandage will be the topic

Of course, there should also be a ban on the “One Love” bandage, which has caused discussions throughout Germany since the start of the World Cup on Sunday. In addition, the players of the Iranian national team will be discussedwho had remained silent during their anthem and thus sent a signal against the regime in their home country.

The ex-manager of Werder Bremen, the former UN special ambassador for sport Willi Lemke, the Greens sports politician Viola von Cramon, the German-Iranian journalist and presenter Michel Abdollahi and the investigative journalist Benjamin Best will be guests.

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