World Cup 2022: Chaos at the DFB press conference after the opening debacle – Hansi Flick annoyed

November 20, 2022, Qatar, Al-Shamal: Fu

At a press conference on Thursday, Hansi Flick declared the bankruptcy of the German national team against Japan on Wednesday.Image: dpa / Federico Gambarini

World Cup 2022

Laura Czypull

They had made it their goal: to win the opening event at the 2022 World Cup. But the German national team lost 2-1 to the Japanese national team on Wednesday.

After the DFB debacle, a press conference was called at short notice on Thursday morning. National coach Hansi Flick should declare defeat on that. “We couldn’t create the compactness on the defensive that we could have created,” was one of Flick’s explanations. He was reflected and determined to win against Spain on Sunday: “We don’t have a shot left. We missed yesterday.”

Due to the short notice, the press conference took place digitally. But it was precisely this circumstance that caused chaos.

Hansi Flick breaks off in the middle of the answer

At the first question from a participating journalist, Hansi Flick looked irritated to the side. A “Hello” could be heard in the background. After less than two minutes of the press conference, the first disturbing noises could be heard. After Flick had answered the question, DFB spokeswoman Franziska Wülle reminded us: “If you think about leaving your microphones out, then we don’t have any feedback here.”

And Flick was also unable to answer the second question without background noise. He interrupts his sentence and looks annoyed at the spokeswoman sitting next to him. “Please take a look at your microphone, it couples here and is very, very uncomfortable with us”, he says visibly annoyed. Flick tries to finish his sentence – and is interrupted again.

The Japanese national team celebrates after beating Germany.

The Japanese national team celebrates after beating Germany.Image: / imago images

This time with a melodic tone, similar to a PC just booting up. In the background the words – probably from a journalist: “Can you turn that down a bit?” And: “I also have air conditioning, …”. Wülle reminds again energetically: “Please switch off the microphones, thank you!”

Flick sighs in annoyance and instead of continuing to answer the question, says: “Okay, question answered – I hope.” The national coach was able to answer the next questions undisturbed.

“We haven’t gotten to the point where we have to change the system. But we’re looking at what’s important against Spain, what we have to do there.”

National coach Hansi Flick on the question of a system change

However, immediately after the last question from a journalist, the voice of a Spanish-speaking woman can be clearly heard for several seconds. Flick just laughs and looks at Wülle. She tries one last time: “Excuse me, could you… thank you.” Flick answered the question anyway.

The national coach had already made it clear that he would not doubt the system after the opening defeat and would not switch to a 3-4-3 against Spain on Sunday (8 p.m.). “We haven’t gotten to the point where we have to change the system. But we’re looking at what’s important against Spain, what we have to do there,” explained Flick.

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