World Cup 2022: Karl Lauterbach angry about Manuel Neuer’s withdrawal – "embarrassing"

Karl Lauterbach is upset about Manuel Neuer and the World Cup.

Karl Lauterbach is upset about Manuel Neuer and the World Cup.Image: / imago images

World Cup 2022

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Joana Rettig

The World Cup in Qatar is putting itself in a bad light by the day. And this is not just about the world association Fifa or the country of Qatar, which is heavily criticized for human rights violations. The football teams of some countries and individual players are not exactly covering themselves with glory at the moment either.

FOOTBALL WORLD CUP 2022 test match in Oman 16.11.2022 Oman - Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer Germany with One Love bandage *** FOOTBALL World Cup 2022 test match in Oman 16 11 2022 Oman Germany goalkeeper M ...

Manuel Neuer has decided not to wear a “One Love” bandage after all.Image: IMAGO / Ulmer/Team photo

The German team captain Manuel Neuer originally wanted to show solidarity with the LGBTIQ+ community and wear a “One Love” armband at his games. Six other team captains had the same plan. But: puff cake. For fear of sporting sanctions, the decision was made against it.

In addition to Germany, England, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Switzerland had also planned to wear the multicolored captain’s armband with a heart.

The fact that a decision was made against it upsets many in Germany. Also the SPD Health Minister Karl Lauterbach.

Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar. An interview with Qatar’s World Cup ambassador Khalid Salman, who described homosexuality as “mental harm”, was recently published. This is one of the reasons why the fans expected any expressions of solidarity from the German national team.

Lauterbach joins the ranks of the critics

In social networks, many are upset about Neuer’s withdrawal from his message to the world. A comparison is also made: Between those who retreat out of fear of playful sanctions and those who send their political message despite possible prison sentences and torture.

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In protest, the Iranian internationals did not sing the national anthem.Image: / imago images

We are, of course, talking about the Iranian players who have rallied against the Iranian regime and refused to sing the national anthem in their game against England in solidarity with the women’s and human rights protests that have been rampant in the country for the past two months .

SPD Health Minister Karl Lauterbach is also more than just disappointed.

He vented his anger on Twitter. He posted an article in the news magazine “Spiegel” reporting on Manuel Neuer’s solidarity retreat.

To this he wrote: “The 2022 World Cup is becoming less and less interesting for me.” If not even a minimal sign of solidarity can be shown to oppressed groups in Qatar, he continued, then “that’s disgraceful”.

Compared to the players, on the other hand, various other actors showed solidarity with marginalized groups such as the LGBTIQ+ community.

SPD politicians have repeatedly shown solidarity

Shortly before the game USA vs Wales kicked off, sports journalist Claudia Neumann showed up on Monday evening wearing a black T-shirt with a rainbow design and a rainbow armband.

A BBC presenter had already shown her stance at the England-Iran match with the “One Love” armband and received strong support on Twitter and other social media.

Minister of Health Lauterbach has repeatedly shown solidarity with the LGBTIQ+ community in the past. In the middle of the year, for example, he raised the rainbow flag in front of the Ministry of Health.

He shared a picture of himself with the flag on Twitter and wrote: “Today I hoisted the rainbow flag in front of the Federal Ministry of Health for the first time. With this we express our conviction that a diverse society is better for everyone.”

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