World Cup 2022: the rainbow armband abandoned? FIFA pressure worked?…

Despite FIFA’s ban on wearing the rainbow armband at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, seven European countries intended to wear it. But on Monday, the nations concerned finally gave up because of the pressure exerted by the world body.

World Cup 2022: the rainbow armband abandoned

The “One Love” armband will not be present in Qatar.

For several weeks, there has been a debate around the 2022 World Cup: in respect of the culture of Qatar, FIFA has issued a ban on the wearing of the rainbow armband one Lovein support of the LGBT+ community.

But faced with the persecutions suffered by the minority communities in the country of the Arabian Peninsula, several European selections were determined to defy this ban to denounce this situation with this symbolic gesture.

FIFA put the pressure on with sporting sanctions

Indeed, England, Wales, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland had the idea of ​​wearing this famous armband in this competition. Except that faced with this project, the world body raised its tone with the threat of a sporting sanction: a yellow card, even before the start of the match, for the player carrying this symbol. With this risk, the seven European Federations have taken the decision to abandon this plan.

FIFA has been very clear, it will impose sporting sanctions if our captains wear the armbands on the pitch. As national federations, we cannot ask our players to risk sporting sanctions, including yellow cardscan we read in a joint press release on Monday.

The Blues had quickly decided

With this resistance, the seven European selections, without being able to materialize this idea, have in any case made people talk about this important cause. As a reminder, the French team, through FFF president Nol Le Grat and captain Hugo Lloris, quickly decided to follow FIFA regulations in order to focus on the sporting aspect.

I rather want to say that FIFA organizes the competition, it defines a framework, rules and what is asked of us players is to play football, to represent our country sportingly. I prefer to stay within my framework, that of player and competitor. There are indeed different worthy causes that should be supported. FIFA decides on the organization, replied the tricolor goalkeeper again in a press conference. In any case, this World Cup in Qatar definitely continues to spark debate…

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