World Cup 2022: USA vs Wales – ZDF journalist sends a clear political signal


Claudia Neumann commented on the game USA against Wales and set an example. Image: imago sport photo service / Markus Endberg

Sophia Sehermann

Already on the second day of the World Cup in Qatar there are heated discussions about political signs in the conservative emirate. For example, seven European teams withdrew the “One Love” bandage after pressure from the world association Fifa. According to Fifa, if the nations had defied the ban, the penalty could have been yellow cards against the bandage wearers.

Shortly before the game between the USA and Wales, there was another political signal on the ZDF broadcast that caused a lot of conversation, especially on social networks.

Shortly before the game USA vs Wales kicked off on Monday evening, ZDF switched to the commentary position. Sports journalist Claudia Neumann showed up there with a black T-shirt with a rainbow design and a rainbow armband. The 58-year-old sent a clear signal for the rights and recognition of the LGBTQ+ community.

This ban was hotly debated on social media and also during the half-time breaks. A BBC presenter had already shown her stance at the England-Iran match with the “One Love” armband and received strong support on Twitter and other social media.

Claudia Neumann sets a strong example

Now the German journalist Claudia Neumann has also set an example for tolerance and equality.

This gesture is very well received by many Twitter users. A Twitter user commented on Neumann’s picture: “German commentator Claudia Neumann is well dressed for the USA v Wales game.”

Another Twitter user finds: “Cool outfit by Claudia Neumann”.

Another user judges: “A ZDF woman has more balls than the whole DFB.” He also adds the hashtag “Boycott Quatar 2022”.

Prominent voices have also spoken out and support Claudia Neumann’s campaign. The journalist Georgine Kellermann writes about Neumann on Twitter: “She is my heroine today”.

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