World Cup 2022: when Tunisians throw a spade at Belmadi

And to think that the midfielder of the Tunisian selection Aissa Laidouni was eligible for Algeria! Coming from an Algerian father and a Tunisian mother, he would have liked to represent Algeria on the international level. But faced with the refusal of Djamel Belmadi to summon him, he ended up opting for Tunisian sports nationality. We can say that the Algerian national team has lost a very good midfielder.

It was yesterday that Tunisia entered the World Cup. For her first match against Denmark, she performed well. The neighboring country, which settled for a draw (0-0) could have hoped for better.

The Algerians followed the game closely. But the Tunisian player who attracted them was Aissa Laïdouni. Not only because he had a great game, but also because he was eligible for Algeria.

Born to an Algerian father and a Tunisian mother, midfielder Ferencravos TC (Hungary) would have liked to represent the Greens at international level. He had even come forward to join them. But national coach Djamel Belmadi did not find his potential interesting.

Suddenly, the Tunisians jumped at the chance to steal the player. The latter received his first convocation in 2021 and ended up opting for Tunisian sports nationality.

When Tunisians thank Belmadi for having sold Laïdouni to them

Since then, Aissa Laïdouni has been performing well with the Eagles of Carthage. He even established himself as an essential element in the midfield.

During yesterday’s match against Denmark, we found that his profile is similar to that of Adlène Guedioura, while having an offensive vocation. What feed the regrets of the Algerians not to benefit from the player two years ago, especially when we know that Djamel Belmadi is still struggling to find the worthy successor to Guedioura.

The Tunisians, meanwhile, threw a spade at the national coach. Indeed, they thanked him for selling off Laïdouni to them through several publications on social networks. They are unanimous in saying that the 25-year-old is a great achievement for the national team of their country. He is even on track to join a more upscale club during the winter transfer window if he has a good World Cup…

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