World Cup in Qatar: the competition arouses controversy



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J.Lonchampt, M.Tissier, L.Mounier, C.Vignal, R.Torregrosa, O.Sauvayre – France 2

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Qatar has built gigantic air-conditioned stadiums to host the FIFA World Cup in two months. Many workers worked in deplorable conditions on the construction sites. There have been deaths. Some personalities and NGOs are therefore calling for a boycott of the World Cup.

Brand new stadiums in the middle of the desert are plagued by controversy. Human rights suspected to be flouted and ecological disaster: less than two months from the World Cup in Qatar, several personalities have decided to boycott the event. On Facebook, Eric Cantona wrote “Me, the football lover, reluctantly, I made my decision (…) I will not watch a single match of this World Cup.” vincent Lindon claimed to have made the same decision on the set of “C à vous” at the end of August.

To build air-conditioned stadiums, hotels and metro stations, the host country had to call on thousands of immigrant workers. Since the start of the work, many have denounced their working conditions. There were even demonstrations in March, which are banned in Qatar. According to the British daily “The “Guardian”nearly 6,500 men died on these sites.

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