World Cup Qatar 2022: Carlos Valdés relives the fight with Carlos Antonio Vélez after the defeat of Carlos Queiroz with Iran

The former América de Cali player has dedicated some messages to the journalist.  Photo: Espn
The former América de Cali player has dedicated some messages to the journalist. Photo: Espn

The fight between the former soccer player Carlos Valdes and the director of Planet Soccer, Carlos Antonio Velezhas a new chapter after the harsh defeat of Iran 6-2 against England on the first date of group B of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The footballer fueled the fight through social networks criticizing Carlos Queiroznow coach of the Asian team, who a few years ago was in charge of the Colombia selection.

After the first game of the day on Monday, November 21 at the World Cupthe former defender of Independiente Santa Fe, America de Cali, San Lorenzo and the Colombia selection took the opportunity to remember the coach’s misfortune for our country. “And the football prepaid wanting to sell to Queiroz like the savior only to follow dirtying to the football players and defend managers”, this is accompanied by two emoticons, one laughing and the other with his hand on his face.

The Portuguese technical director in Colombia he was February 7, 2019 to December 1, 2020. During this time he directed 18 matches with a balance of nine wins, five draws and four losses. The most painful, the 6-1 against Ecuador in the qualifiers, which ended up costing him his departure.

The person you refer to as “the prepay” would be Carlos Antonio Velez, with whom in October he had a strong confrontation that began on television and radio programs and spread to social networks. It all started after the call in which he debuted Nestor Lawrence in front of the Colombia selection.

The team coach Tricolor faced in a double date Guatemala and to Mexico, this last match ended 3-2. However, under the criteria of Velez is to revive bad management such as the one experienced with Jose Nestor Pekerman by the call of James Rodriguez:

“The God of soccer, the one that the bald man said is that they are going to put some players to wash his face against the country,” said Carlos Valdés on ESPN.

This fight became more personal after the response of the director of the sports programwho criticized the presence of some former soccer players in the media, however, he assured that some do not know “neither read nor write”:

“For the “widows” and for many of those ex-players with a screen and/or media (who have it because God is very generous and great, because they hardly know how to read and write, and who at the time were modest footballers who also they never won anything important), that they eat it with pink sauce, as Eduardo Luis says”

After this, the panelist in some programs on the ESPN network called carlos antonio as a “prepaid journalist” and included in his criticisms the leaders of the Colombian soccer, “There is nothing wrong with just knowing how to read and write or even having been a bad footballer if you will. The serious thing is to do prepaid journalism to leaders who are a disaster and who steal the development of soccer in the country, discrediting the footballers and coaches”.

The journalist is covering the Qatar World Cup 2022 for RCN Channel, so for now it does not respond to the trill. However, it is expected that it will be carried out in one of the television channel’s sports spaces or in the morning hours of next tuesday 22 November on his radio show.


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