World Nicotine Forum 2022: focus on less harmful solutions

Thursday June 16 opened in the Polish capital, Warsaw, on the 9e Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN). This year’s event is marked by the participation of around fifty experts in nicotine products and many witnesses who have stopped traditional cigarettes.

Less novice alternatives to conventional cigarettes

Speakers debated the role of new nicotine products, reputed to be less harmful, in the fight against smoking-related diseases. These are substitutes that do not cause the combustion of tobacco. We find, for example, electronic cigarettes, nicotine sachets for oral consumption, snus and hot tobacco.

Paddy Costall, co-founder of the forum, says: “For a long time, smokers had only one option: quit or die. But the science has moved on. This is evidenced by the tens of millions of people who have opted for healthier nicotine products. »

For his part, Tommaso Di Giovanni, vice-president of communications at Philip Morris International, returned in a statement to Algerie360 on these new alternative products, but also mentioned their new strategy to fight against traditional cigarettes.

“Our goal is to replace conventional cigarettes as quickly as possible with less harmful products that do not burn tobacco,” he said.

IQOS, 95% less toxic substances

The spokesman for Philip Morris then explained the interest of developing cigarettes that heat the tobacco without burning it. “Nicotine, he says, despite its addictive nature, is not the main cause of smoking-related diseases (…) This is a fact confirmed by the FDA in the United States and dozens of authorities in public health in the world”.

“What causes tobacco-related diseases are about 100 toxic compounds that are released from burnt tobacco. So when you eliminate combustion, you reduce the amount of these components by 90% to 95%,” he added.

This is how Philippe Morris developed his heated tobacco solution, the IQOS devices. “With IQOS, says the manager, we managed to reduce toxic components by 90 to 95% on average. Furthermore, “thousands of analyzes of the aerosol emitted by IQOS cigarettes have been carried out. And these analyzes have been verified by several independent authorities, such as the FDA in the United States. »

The head of Philippe Morris International concludes his intervention with a warning: “The message must be clear: smoking is harmful! So those who don’t smoke should not start. And those who smoke should quit if they really care about their health. »

“But as long as most smokers do not give up cigarettes, as confirmed by the WHO, for these smokers there are now considerably less harmful alternatives, such as heated tobacco,” he said. he still added.

Note that Philip Morris International markets IQOS cigarettes in more than 70 countries. These have more than 20 million consumers.

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