World of Warcraft: Calculation shows massive loss of players

It has been known for a long time that World of Warcraft has passed its peak – at least in terms of subscriber numbers. This Loss of players also continues in the recent past, like a recent video of the well-known WoW-YouTubers “Bellular” shows quite clearly.

WoW loses a lot of players

The YouTuber does not have any specific player numbers at hand, as Blizzard Entertainment has not published them for many years. However, he takes a few publicly available statistics to hand in order to carry out meaningful projections based on them.

Accordingly, World of Warcraft has (buy now 14,99 €) since the launch of the add-on Shadowlands lost numerous players. While the first boss in the “Nathria Castle” raid had defeated a little over 44,000 guilds worldwide on the normal level of difficulty, the “Sanctum of Rulership” raid, published a few months later, only had a little over 20,000. That means one Decrease of 55 percent.

In the Mythic + dungeons it becomes even clearer: In the first season of Shadowlands there were more than 750,000 dungeon runs per week. In Season 2 this number was dropped to just over 250,000. That is only a third of the initial value.

What is the meaning of these numbers?

Bellular explains in the video that the projections cannot represent the current situation 100 percent. There are a large number of World of Warcraft players who have little or no interest in raids or Mythic +. Nevertheless, at least the general trend can be clearly seen.

Blizzard Entertainment may take the helm with the release of the extensive updates 9.2 tear something up again. However, it will take until next year.

Those: Bellular on YouTube

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