World Pedestrian Day: Ten healthy rules to keep in mind

Today, as every year, the World Pedestrian Day, a date set by the World Health Organization, to raise awareness about some bad practices carried out by pedestrians such as drivers and that can endanger the lives of both.

Luisa Burga, manager of Urban Mobility of the Municipality of Lima, explains that by pandemic a small percentage of traffic accidents has been reduced in the country; however, there is still a long way to go to have a preventive attitude that will improve coexistence on the streets, whether when traveling on foot, by bicycle, car or minibus.

Therefore, to reduce the risks of suffering a car accident, the expert recommends these good practices:

1.- Don’t get distracted when crossing the street: If you are going to pass, do so through an authorized passage and be alert to your surroundings. Don’t look at your cell phone, books, etc.

2.- Look both ways: Always keep in mind that a vehicle, bicycle or motorcycle could appear suddenly.

3.- Respect the traffic lights: Never cross on a green, amber, or until vehicles are stopped.

4.- Cross the pedestrian paths: If there isn’t, do it around the corners. You should never cross between cars or at another point, as long as there is a crossing of this type.

5.- Use the pedestrian bridges: These will allow them to get to the other side by passing over the avenue and not putting their lives at risk.

6.- Don’t run down the street: Even if you crossed in red, you could stumble and have an accident.

7.- Do not look at your phone when traveling: If you have to answer a message, make a video call or send a voice note, the ideal is to stop completely to do it and then continue.

8.- Always walk with the children by the hand: This way you will prevent them from approaching risk areas, such as the street, or in busy spaces; that are lost or mistreated.

9.- Avoid using headphones or players: It leads to not having all our senses on the road. So it is not advisable to listen to music while walking down the street.

10.- Pay attention to garage exits: Since any vehicle that leaves it can surprise us and cause a run over.

Pedestrians often forget that we also have responsibilities.


  • In 2019, in Metropolitan Lima there have been 444 traffic accidents with fatal consequences, of which 473 people have died and 245 have been injured.
  • In 2020, there were 310 traffic accidents, with 344 deaths and 129 injuries. This year there was a reduction due to the pandemic.
  • So far in 2021There are already 199 traffic accidents, with 206 deaths.


  • In 2019In Metropolitan Lima, there have been 277 abuses, killing 282 people.
  • In 2020In Metropolitan Lima, there have been 167 abuses, with 167 deaths.
  • So far from 2021, there have been 103 abuses, and 107 people died.


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