World Swimming Championships: Léon Marchand "has a great freshness" and "a huge palette"rejoices the DTN of the French Federation

From the height of his 20 years, the swimmer from Toulouse splashes his talent at the world championships in Budapest.

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For the past few days, praise has rightly been raining on the man who on Wednesday became the first French swimmer to win three medals at the same edition of the world championships. Julien Issoulié, national technical director of the French Swimming Federation also went there with his little word, this Thursday on franceinfo. Léon Marchand “has a great freshness” and “a huge palette”, he rejoiced. Thanks to him, “everyone feels their wings growing”he added.

The new star of French swimming continues to perform. With two world titles in Budapest and a silver medal, the 20-year-old swimmer is already a leader in French swimming. “Having a leader like that, especially when he performs from the first days, it creates a positive dynamic for the team. It gives the vision that we can get there, and then it encourages everyone. So it’s very positive for us. We have two ambassadors in this French team, there is Florent Manaudou and now there is Léon who is coming”exposed the technician.

Exiled in the United States, in Arizona, since the start of the school year, the Toulouse licensee is already in the wake of the great swimmers in history, including a certain Michael Phelps. Léon Marchand is also trained by the coach of the American champion.

Two years from the Games, his results give a lot of hope : “He is an athlete who has a huge palette. Depending on what he manages to repeat over the next two years, he will intensify his program. Indeed, he will be able to open up to a certain number of races. And after , we will wish him the best for each of them”. “We really have talented athletes. Léon creates a positive dynamic, everyone feels their wings growing and that creates emulation”concluded Julien Issoulié.

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