World War Z (TFX): the end should have been very different!

Tonight, the TFX channel is broadcasting World War Z, a zombie movie like no other, starring Brad Pitt in the lead role. And to think that the end should have been very different. The scene was shot… then abandoned. We try to see more clearly.

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Broadcast tonight on the TFX channel, World War Z isn’t your average zombie movie (here are our favorite zombie movies, by the way). Adapted very freely (it’s not really the same story) from a novel by Max Brooks, the realization of Marc Forster had complicated beginnings, which the American magazine Vanity Fair traced in a file (in English). While filming was well underway, the script was not quite established. So much so that the end planned at the start, shot in Hungary, was finally not kept. And it is VERY different from what we see today in the film whose sequel, attributed for a long time to filmmaker David Fincher, will ultimately not be made.

Zombies in Red Square

In World War Z, the character embodied by the charismatic Brad Pitt (who was recently pissed off against Angelina Jolie, his ex-wife) travels the world, to understand how the zombie apocalypse began and also how to fight against the living dead. In Israel, he narrowly escapes disaster and realizes that zombies only hunt healthy humans. In the film broadcast this evening on TFX, accompanied by an Israeli soldier, he travels to Wales, to a research center, to find a way to save humanity. Initially, it was planned that his character would go to Russia, for a sequence a priori spectacular, where he faced hordes of zombies on Red Square in Moscow.

Rambo vs Zombies

The sequence of this assault was filmed in Hungary. The film was even considered finished. But the screenings organized at the production house quickly underlined the problem: the end did not work at all. As explained J. Michael Straczynski (particularly co-author of the Sense8 series), the first scriptwriter attached to the project, it was really “Rambo vs Zombies”. So, let’s get started! Damon Lindelof, famous screenwriter of the series Lost was called to the rescue. It was he who had the idea of ​​throwing away what had been shot and going on new shots and a new third act, in Wales. And the least we can say, even if we didn’t see the sequence in Moscow, he was right.

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