Wow! The picture from inside Madeleine’s secret home in Florida

Princess Madeleine

Princess Madeleine is secretive about the villa in Florida but now we get a glimpse of the home – wow we just say!

That’s why Chris doesn’t like Sweden!

After the commercial: That’s why Chris doesn’t like Sweden!


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The princess family has lived in the huge villa in Florida for over two years, yet we have hardly seen any pictures from the home.

No, despite the fact that Madeleine and Chris are princesses and princesses respectively, they are actually very private.

But on the night of Friday, the couple surprises us all, a new picture from Florida – and a glimpse of home!

Princess Madeleine’s 15-room villa in Florida

In the exclusive area of ​​Pinecrest we find Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill’s 15-room villa.

Here, the family has 600 square meters to spread out and many luxurious accessories to enjoy.

Six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, swimming pool, a separate children’s wing – the list goes on!

If Madeleine and Chris also have a master suite with loggia and bathroom en suite? Obvious!

Surely you will be curious about the villa? Unfortunately, the princess couple has been sparing with pictures, but now we get a small glimpse.

The new picture from Princess Madeleine’s villa in Florida

In Madeleine’s latest Instagram post, we receive a heartfelt greeting:

“I’m so grateful for my little family,” she captioned a photo of Leonore, 8, Nicolas, 7, and Adrienne, 4.

And here we don’t just get to see the children – parts of the home are also visible:

It’s not much, but telling. We already suspected that Madeleine likes decorating with pumpkins.

In connection with Halloween, she published this picture, with several decorative pumpkins in the background:

Now it’s Thanksgiving in the US, but Madeleine obviously hasn’t stopped with pumpkins for that.

Previously, we got these little glimpses of the 15-room villa:

Photo: TT, Instagram

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