WRC 23: the next Codemasters game would offer to create your car from A to Z

As we learned in 2020, Codemasters acquired the WRC license from 2023 to 2027. While WRC Generations, the latest game developed by KT Racing, will be launched on October 13, there are already rumors about Codemasters’ first WRC that reach us.

Build your WRC from A to Z

This is via information from Tom Henderson for Insider Gaming, that we have wind of these hallway noises. He initially indicates that the game would offer 16 different classes of cars, ranging from WRCs to WRC 2, including Kitcars and historic H1 FWDs.

More interesting now, the game would offer to build your car from A to Z. A currency system would be put in place and you could notably buy used parts to reduce costs. The player would be able to choose if he wants a front, central or rear engine, then the different elements such as the differential or the gearbox to name a few.

From there you can buy the engine, differential, gearbox, clutch, radiator, suspension, brakes and exhaust. The price of items depends on the condition of the parts, with used parts costing much less than new parts.

In addition to the engine look, it would also be possible to modify the exterior and interior appearance of the cars. It is particularly indicated that the front bumper, the rear bumper, the wheels, the mudguards as well as the bonnet pins would be modifiable, in addition to the steering wheel, the belts, the digital screen and the rollbar.

See you in 2023

It would be possible to build several car models and test them in order to modify parts before confirming the construction. According to one of his sources, the customization would be somewhat as thorough as the video below uploaded by the FIA ​​last December.

Also according to Tom Henderson, this new game would be developed on the basis of a canceled Dirt Rally game, which should have been released at this time of year. The studio and its publisher would have made this choice in order to save time and money in the face of the similarities between the two games.

We will have to wait a while longer before seeing the first images of the game. We hope that with the support of EA, Codemasters will manage to offer a WRC game that meets the expectations of fans.

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