WRC Generations: A memorable last race for the rally’s Need for Speed?

End clap for the love story between Kylotonn and the WRC. This is the last year that the French studio takes care of the official license of the world rally championship, enough to put the small dishes in the big ones. After a WRC 10 under the sign of the anniversary, WRC Generations aims to identify all the highlights of the saga, to keep fans in suspense as long as possible.

It’s the end of a great adventure, which lasted 7 years between Kylotonn Racing and the World Rally Championship. Since WRC 5, the French studio has perfected its recipe to offer a complete experience for all motorsport fans. The rights have not been renewed for 2023, and the official license will leave at Codemasters. WRC Generations is therefore a last lap of honor, with the aim of holding on for the long term for the happiness of aficionados.

All official content…and a surprise to last

WRC Generations: A memorable last race for the rally's Need for Speed?

Great novelty, the online livery catalog

To begin with, KT wanted to make WRC Generations a best-of of all the opuses for which it was in charge, starting with the content. Whether in WRC 1, WRC 2 or WRC Junior (the official racing categories), all cars are licensed, with the names of official drivers. 80 vehicles are therefore in the bag, including 37 legendary cars present at launch (29) or announced as bonuses in additional content (8). It’s very toughknowing that each vehicle benefits from special care to be modeled to perfection, from graphics to sound design, whether classic Audi Quattro A2 or Citroën DS3 or current Ford M-Sport.

But it doesn’t stop there in the number of cars modeled. WRC 10 Last season included a livery editor, wobbly at launch but patched later, which allowed us to reproduce classic bodywork or have fun customizing the cars. This season, again with a few more elements for the editor, but above all the addition of an online catalog where you can download the liveries of other players. The most addicted have already reproduced a good number of legendary stickers, and if you also take the game of design or that of the collection, you will have to add hours to the counter.

Graphics and arrival of the hybrid: WRC Generations is clean

WRC Generations: A memorable last race for the rally's Need for Speed?


Finally, 22 countries are on the menu, i.e. 8 more than the destinations on the program for the 2022 world championship, which ended last weekend in Japan and won by Finland’s Kalle Rovanperä. Argentina, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Italy (Sanremo), Corsica, Turkey and Wales are there (classic but not on the program this season) to garnish the title of 165 stages including mirror races. The snowy Rally of Sweden has benefited from a facelift compared to previous years with 6 new specials. Remember that the shortest races are on a 1:1 scale compared to reality, and the longest have mythical phases well transcribed, including the most technical passages.

And we repeat ourselves year after year, but some environments and landscape models are real gems and fun in the race, all the more so with the addition of dynamic weather. The light effects on the bodywork, the rendering of the dust are graphically very good despite some phases with a little tearing. The clipping is less shocking than last season, and from a technical point of view Kylotonn has not reviewed its copy. The racing sensations are always intense, demanding at every moment and boosted by a depth in the management of the tires, and now hybrid. Because yes, 2022 marks the transition to this new type of engine, and WRC Generations integrates a mapping system before the races in WRC 1. An acceleration boost gauge recovered during braking appears on the dashboard, and it’s up to you to make the right choice before the race between 3 engine maps: one with a longer gauge but less acceleration, strong acceleration but shorter gauge or at equilibrium.

On the content side, WRC plays the Champions League

WRC Generations: A memorable last race for the rally's Need for Speed?

In league mode, daily and weekly challenges are varied

With the addition of the hybrid, the Career mode was able to renew a bit with the addition of a “hybrid” branch in the skill tree when you want to improve your stable in Research and Development. It is now possible to create a team and manage it directly without doing anniversary races before like last year (with the addition of sponsor management and a branch in the tree as well), the design has changed a bit but apart from these minor innovations, it’s more or less the same career mode as since WRC 8. A very nice discovery if you discover the saga and you touch a rally game for the first time when you are a fan, a little discomfort when you are used to the saga. You follow the events in the calendar (races in extreme conditions, with classic cars, training and Grand Prix) and you gradually improve your team, from recruitment to research and development.

If we put aside the classic multiplayer, the split-screen game or the always pleasant co-pilot mode with a friend in front of the TV, WRC Generations stands out in the series with its large number of multiplayer modes planned to last on the long term. Besides the Clubs mode where one joins one or more clubs with the host defining a special and its parameters to break the leaderboards, the title adds League mode, solo or team. A good alternative where the developers offer 3 daily and weekly specials, where players challenge each other either solo or between groups of 8 players. The year is divided into seasons, and the 3 best players or best teams per season join a Hall of Fame. It is also possible to move up in rank (from beginner to legend). Let’s recap: A club mode to challenge friends, a league mode to challenge the world with 28 specials each week, not counting the high score rankings for the specials played solo, it’s gargantuan and offers very good replayability. Let’s not finish the fact that Kylotonn will take care to update the content regularly before launching Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown, and why not future rally-related titles?

Strong points

  • XXL content (drivers, cars, specials, etc.)
  • The interesting career for novices
  • Pure rally racing thrills
  • Graphically very neat
  • The livery editor and the online catalog
  • Addition of the hybrid and its mapping
  • Directly integrated team management

Weak points

  • Screaming lack of staging
  • Still the same concern of Tearing
  • A career mode that goes a bit in circles
  • Online multiplayer lacks a bit of interaction

If we would have liked for the last dance of the KT Racing-WRC collaboration real novelties on the Career mode and a little more fantasy on the classic game modes or the dressing, WRC Generations does the job. In the modeling of his specials first, in the handling of his cars according to the surfaces and the conditions then. In line with a successful anniversary episode, the ultimate title succeeds, without drastically upsetting its formula, in being a lasting opus and with the best lifespan of the saga. More than 150 stages in 22 countries, more than 80 racing cars with the addition of hybrid engines for the WRC, daily and weekly multi-league and club modes, the objective has been achieved by Kylotonn Racing: the title is immortal.


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